Lets face it, straightening your hair is a hassle. This brush makes it so much easier and faster.

Imagine yourself in a hurry, maybe in the morning, maybe before a date and you have to get your hair straight because you deserve to look and fell fabulous  Hair straightening is often a struggle for those of us who prefer their hair smooth and shiny. It takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you have long hair. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was possible to straighten your hair while brushing it? It would sure save you a lot of time, wouldn’t it?

Why Use the AddaBelle Hairbrush


Detangle and Straighten Your Beautiful Hair in the Same Time.


The Hair Brush will give you a most wanted volume, straight hair, natural shiny and healthy hair look.

ceramic straightening brush


You literally have to run the brush slowly through your hair  and get amazing results hassle free!

Before and after

See the difference

The focus was to create a hair straightener brush that really
works, so you can see a visible difference

Happy customers

We believe in happy customers 

99.8% of our customers are satisfied

                         A serious must have!                                                      

I cannot go back to a normal flat iron!  This is perfect.  I have long, thick, coarse hair, and this brush makes straightening my hair so easy, a task I used to dread before, because of how long it took.  The best part about this brush is that it can get my roots easier than an iron and I totaly love it.


LOVE the “ADDABELLE” professional hair straightener brush so much 

This wonderful new hair straightener brush has changed my life ! This product has exceeded my expectations so much. It is a very beautiful product and the color is amazing too. It is as easy to use as a brush. I’m going to use this every single day, it is so easy to use ! I love it and the price is even better than the product almost !


One of the best straighteners I have purchased

I can not say enough how much I love this product. I was so tired of pressing my hair between two hot irons all the while damaging my ends. Plus, I always hated the time it took to section off my long thick hair in order to straighten it. With this Brush, there is not partitioning of my hair and the time to get great results is cut by two thirds


Our promise to you!

Since 99,8% of our customers are happy, we think you will be happy too, that’s why we have a money back guarantee on all our products – If you are not happy we will give you your money back

Hair Brush Straightener Ceramic Technology

Buy the Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

At just $35, the Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush is the deal of the day.

You’ll save time; you’ll be treating your hair better, and you’ll see the results you want. What more can you ask?

Don’t miss this opportunity and treat yourself with this Hair Brush because you deserve it.